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Full service floral & gift shop offering same day flower delivery to Griffin, GA
Accent Florist
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Shaunda SShaunda S
16:45 06 Sep 23
I placed an order for delivery; the company accepted my payment. Then, I am still waiting to receive confirmation that someone delivered the flowers. I tried calling the company to confirm the order was delivered and learned the number was no longer in service. I live more than three hours away from this location, so driving there is not an option. This establishment is starting to feel like a rip-off. It's poor taste to call the person I sent the flowers to, grieving the loss of a loved one, to ask if they received the flowers I sent. My order just went into a black hole—the company was nowhere to be found. BUYER BEWARE!!!. Based on this experience, I will never use this florist again.
Amber JAmber J
21:04 03 Aug 23
My boyfriend bought me flowers for my birthday and honestly I wish he would have saved his money. The arrangement was not what he requested at all. He requested tulips and sunflowers because he knew it was my favorites, and they just threw random flowers in a set. Ordered a bear with it, that didn’t come. Tried it contact them, no response. They said they delivered it and didn’t. Then they showed up randomly hours later
Nefesh ChayaNefesh Chaya
17:58 13 Jun 23
Two weeks later- STILL NO REPLY!ZERO STARS because- The card literally says “we’ve built an excellent reputation on beautiful flowers”. These are dead! I reside with a floral designer and receiving this arrangement to honor a death- (not Valentine’s Day) this is all just cruel. The answering service will have a manager call me “within 24 hours”….Please don’t use ACCENT FLORIST- they do not have an educated floral designer and send out dead flowers… just look at the other reviews😱UPDATE- 10 days later & 3 calls to them w/ this review and STILL NO RESPONSE! Horrible service!!!!!
Macgyver HoferkampMacgyver Hoferkamp
19:05 01 Jun 23
I'd suggest that you don't bother wasting your time ordering from this florist. Wish we had read the reviews closer before we placed our order.We live out of state and my mother had a stroke about a week ago, we wanted to order flowers for mother's day to be delivered to her while she was recovering at a rehab center. At nearly 4PM, on the day of delivery we received an EMAIL stating they were "out of flowers" and could not complete our order. We ordered flowers nearly a week ago, why are we just now being notified that they couldn't complete the order.As advice to the company, I'd recommend that instead of an email being sent, you make a phone call to the customer, explain why you were unable to follow through with the order, and how you plan to resolve the issue. This would make for a much better customer experience, and may prevent poor reviews in the future.
Jennifer OJennifer O
18:43 13 May 23
These guys saved the day!I’ve had issues with another local florist on four separate occasions, and today they canceled my Mother’s Day order.These guys, despite saying online that they are closed today, answered the phone today, took my order, and were incredibly gracious despite my very last minute order.I will update this review as soon as everything is received, but they get an A+ for customer service.Local business, answered the phone locally instead of some 800 commercial nonsense, and were so helpful and understanding.
Deborah SeetonDeborah Seeton
02:20 01 Mar 23
A very dear friend in California ordered flowers from Accent Florist. Today is my birthday. I live in Georgia. The pictures my friend had to choose from were gorgeous and pricy. I did not receive anything like the picture shown. My flowers were way over baked. Dear Elizabeth, I hope you don't read this, but I do think people should know. It truly was a lovely thought. My flowers were down in the mouth.
Chris HughesChris Hughes
22:38 15 Feb 23
Terrible experience. Ordered roses for my girlfriend, received confirmation number and was told I'd receive a call when delivered. No call. No flowers. Finally got in touch with someone later that night and was told the flowers would be delivered next day. No flowers again. Girlfriend goes to business and gets the run around but is Finally told she'll receive the flowers later today.... still no flowers
Jen DoyalJen Doyal
12:15 10 Jan 23
Update: After speaking with the owner Christina, she made everything right. She refunded the money and sent out 2 nicer bouquets. I added a pic of the 2 replacements. I’m changing my 1 star review to a 4 star review and I’m thankful that she was very nice and easy to work with to get this issue resolved.My daughter order flowers today to be sent to me at the hospital. They look like a $20 bundle from Kroger thrown in a vase. Not at all what my daughter ordered. My mother also ordered from them and they look the same. Cheap and not at all arranged as a professional floral shop would do. Very disappointed. The pics are of what my daughter ordered vs what arrived… this southern peach bouquets is anything but peach! Not a single flower shown in the picture was in this bouquet. I can’t wait to find out what bouquet my mother actually ordered vs this purple mess that I received.
Theresa RoyalsTheresa Royals
18:14 06 Jan 23
I ordered flowers online to be delivered the next day. On the day of delivery, I called the phone number several times just to be connected to "24 hour customer support". This department could not even access my order to confirm that the order was received. Every rep said, "I'll have the store give you a call to confirm the order was received." Almost 4 hours later no call.Added - Interesting how you can respond to the review but your "24 hour customer service team" said the shop was open. Such a lack of customer service. AND if you saw my order come through, YOU should've contacted me to let me know that you were closed. A business owner who values customers would've done that. Also explains the BBB grade of F and the other numerous reviews of 1 star. Simply better.Have yet to receive the refund!
Cindy HollisCindy Hollis
13:46 11 Dec 22
I actually give them NO stars. I had a flower arrangement delivered to me just this week - the container was broken - I mean a huge crack from the top to the bottom and they had wrapped a decorative plastic wrap around the container to cover it up. How I found out was it leaked out on my table. I know they knew it was broken or the plastic would not have been wrapped around it. This is just wrong. Now my sender is trying to get a refund through 1-800 flowers. I do NOT recommend them and was shocked at this. 1-800 flowers said the local florist would come back and pick them up in order for the sender to get a refund. Well they also don't return phone calls. I called on 11/30 to see when they would be coming back to get them and spoke with Elizabeth - turns out they don't answer phones at the "shop" - they have an answering service that claims they are answering phones while "they are out on deliveries". As of this update 12/11 - no one has called me back. And no one has picked up the flowers which I threw out last night since it appears no one is coming to get them. I looked at the container even closer - it was cracked all across the bottom. DO NOT USE THESE PEOPLE. After looking at YELP reviews - they are even worse than Google ones. I have pictures of the flowers the container and the wrap they put around them. I'm just glad the water that leaked out didn't ruin my table!! I'm reporting them to the Better Business Bureau - I've seen more bad than good reviews and know I'm not the only one with a bad experience. Flowers are expensive enough without having to deal with all this hassle. Shame on them!!
Renee GillettRenee Gillett
04:12 27 Nov 22
DO NOT ORDER from this florist. You will only incur heartache. They are Irresponsible and unprofessional. I ordered flowers for a Funeral for a close friend…and they never arrived. These were from many family members who could not be present and they very expensive. I felt sick to my stomach that they had no representation. No one wanted to help resolve the situation. Days later-Someone sent me a picture of what they had supposedly made and it I didn’t look anything like what I ordered. It looked horrible. However, it Doesn’t really matter since the family never received anything. I have been “ghosted” without any refund at this point.Interesting that you can respond to my review within thirty minutes, but have not called Me back. There is no confirmation that the flowers were delivered to the “right” place. After reading your reviews this seems to be a consistent pattern. “You promised” to redeliver the flowers since They were not at the memorial service and asked for the families address. Then “you decided” to “not send them” without informing me and then would not answer my calls. I am confused about how this is respectful or an acceptable resolution.
Back UpBack Up
14:55 10 Jul 22
Ordered flowers from 1-800-Flowers.comThey had your store fill the order.They did not arrive on the correct day and when finally did arrive the next day they were not what I had paid for.Your store might be great for person to person orders but you are not reliable for orders that come from
Michael BerryMichael Berry
16:17 27 Jun 22
Wonderful experience. The staff was welcoming and friendly. They weren't too busy so I was helped swiftly. I explained my situation and they listened. Gave me options and I left a happy customer. Will definitely be back in the future. So if you are looking for a reasonable florist for any occasion go check out the fine people at Accent Florists.
Peyton ShiverPeyton Shiver
17:32 16 Jun 22
Highly recommend! They also make custom jewelry AND deliver. The service was amazing and the jewelry is high quality. 10/10 recommend.
cookie lustercookie luster
16:55 15 May 22
Recently got flowers delivered to my sister and they were just so beautiful. I placed my order over the phone and they were so nice and helpful.
ale vale v
02:04 13 May 22
Ordered my best friend flowers for her birthday and they were gorgeous! Definitely will be using this shop from now on! Thank you!
Bobby BartlettBobby Bartlett
15:42 27 Apr 22
AWSOME!!!! GREAT JOB THE DID AMAZING WORK WITH THE FIRE AND ICE ROSE'S I ORDERED!! Very nice staff the NEW OWNER'S HAVE REALLY TURNED THIS PLACE AROUND!! and i have been in griffin for 20 years and i must say thank you so much !!!
Lenora StaplesLenora Staples
19:06 24 Dec 21
I received the prettiest Christmas table arrangement today from my step mother. It was beautifully made. And I'm giving a special shout out to the delivery people. He had left the arrangement on the porch. I was unable to pick it up because I have had back surgery. He was already back in his van, but when he saw I had trouble, he came back and picked it up and handed it to me. So very impressed by the arrangement itself and the service.
Karla ChildsKarla Childs
17:17 22 Nov 21
Ordered an arrangement for a sick family member. It was absolutely beautiful! New ownership, fabulous arrangements, great prices! Definitely will recommend to others!
Breanna Nicole JonesBreanna Nicole Jones
21:25 18 Nov 21
Wow wow wow! So completely impressed with not only this beautiful arrangement but also the staff from ordering to delivery 🙌🏼 5+ stars!The new owner definitely has things moving in the right direction and I can’t wait to order from her again!!Highly recommend Accent Florist!
Rhonda StokesRhonda Stokes
19:21 18 Nov 21
The arrangement was beautiful! Thank you so much! I love it!
Jamie BramlettJamie Bramlett
18:35 18 Nov 21
Wow!! Found out Accent Florist has a new owner so I gave it a try. Awesome experience. I had some very unique request and the Florist exceeded my expectations. Every flower arrangement is not the same. I really appreciate the attention to detail and beautiful design. Customer service is A++